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Floor Standing Air Conditioner

Floor Standing Air Conditioner Sales and Services in Hyderabad

Floor standing air conditioner unit is almost same as to the conventional split air conditioner. The main difference is that it is mounted on the floor or very close to the floor. Some of the Floor standing Air Conditioners are mounted on recessed floors and some are mounted near the windows. Thes are extremely portable and helps cooling any area at any time.

Floor Standing Air Conditioners are mostly used in places such as restaurants, halls data centers and Hotels. The air conditioner unit is similar to other air-conditioners in design and it works same as wall-mounted system. It has a filtration unit for removing the dust particles, turbofan, refrigerant and compressor for cooling & heating.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioners are of different types with different specifications and various brands. It works on the same working principle of split system Air Conditioners. Floor Mounted Air Conditioner has vents on both top or bottom or both sides on the conditioner to produce cold air to the unit. The auto swing feature ensures that the cold air is distributed evenly in all areas of the room.

Floor Standing Air Conditioner Sales and Services in Ameerpet, Hyderabad:

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